• Sarah K. Hammer

Here's your wake up call. ☎️

I won't let my chronic illness slow me down.

Asthma and allergies have affected my whole life, that’s why @walgreens

drug compliance campaign is so important to me.

As a child it interfered with my daily physical activities and my participation in sports.


I had to learn how to adhere to my doctor’s prescription. Back then, I didn't want to use my inhaler or take it to school with me, I was embarassed.

As I grew up I learned that using it wasn't something to be ashamed of. Using my inhaler as directed and taking my allergy medicine to fight dander, pollen and dust, improved my breathing.

Once I started taking my asthma medicine regularly, my quality of life improved.

Now, because I've kept up with my health, I am able to be physically active, and enjoy time outdoors. I won’t let my chronic illness slow me down.

If I hadn't taken my medication as prescribed, I wouldn't be as physically active or as physically fit as I am today.

Download the @walgreens app or talk to your local pharmacist for more information.

xoxo, SK

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