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All that and a bag of chips.

Had a blast shooting with @bradaliny and @joshjjo for the first time.

It definitely won't be the last.

Photo by: @bradaliny

When Josh Johnston asked me to shoot with him, I thought he was going to play photographer. Instead he called Brady who has an eye for creativity. I'm so glad I was able to shoot with both of them.

This shoot reminded me of high school. I am from a small town in Utah called Brigham City. Most weekend we would spend all night in the Smiths parking lot on Main Street. I loved having Josh as my pretend high school lover. Maybe I would have married my high school sweetheart had he been as cool as @ joshjjo!

Photo by @bradaliny

Photo by @bradaliny

“You spin me right round, baby, right round.” -Dead or Alive

Spin the bottle.

Don't ask me why, but I made a goal not to kiss anyone until I turned sixteen (I used to be much better at sticking to my goals). Because I waited, I never participated when my friends played spin the bottle. Luckily, Josh and I were able to recreate that timeless teen game.

Photos by @bradaliny

Skate Date.

Little did I know Josh and I would become instant best friends. I knew for certain when both of us had our skates in our cars. Ready for any opportunity to lace up.

Any day I get to relive the glory days of high school and rollerblade is a good day. -SK

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