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Climb to the Top: Ladder

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Reaching my fitness goals with Ladder, an app which provides customized training from a certified personal trainer straight to my phone. Workout anywhere, anytime, reach top fitness.

One week FREE TRIAL and 10% discount on any subscription with code: HAMMER

Working out with Ladder anytime and anywhere.

Moving to South Carolina meant losing my personal trainer. I was working with a trainer for three years and really missed having the personal connection to a coach.

That's when I found Ladder.

Ladder is an app which provides customized workouts from certified personal trainers. With my busy grad school schedule, Ladder is perfect for my lifestyle.

Download Ladder for free on the App Store

The videos below show you the sign up process. Taking into consideration your goals, lifestyle, and needs, Ladder matches you with a certified personal trainer.

Follow the prompts while logging in, use my promo code: HAMMER

One week FREE TRIAL and 10% discount on any subscription

Ladder has helped me remain accountable. It's easy for me to miss workouts, using school and work as an excuse. I love having a trainer I can contact at any time who will help me through my fitness journey.

My favorite aspect of the app is getting to check things off; sets, workouts and daily goals.

Also, the app tracks my steps and shows whether or not I hit my step goal for that day. It's a great reminder to take breaks during work and studying to walk around. Getting up and walking around has actually helped me remain focused while studying.

wearing @idealfit

Moving across the country, I got out of my workout routine. I gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of motivation. I was physically, mentally and emotionally discouraged. Ladder helped me make the first step into getting back to a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you Ladder, thank you Ethan, for changing my life! I plan on using this app forever!

One week FREE TRIAL and 10% discount on any subscription with code: HAMMER

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