• Sarah K. Hammer

Don't wait! Try FORMULATE.

Personalized shampoo and conditioner from

Personalized shampoo and conditioner is life changing.

Will you just look at the health and body in my hair!?!

I have great hair - now, but not naturally.

I was NOT born with the great hair gene. Using has helped strengthen my hair.

In high school I tried everything to help my hair. Fish oil, prenatals, biotin, mane and tail, EVERYTHING! Nothing worked. My hair was thin, my ends were broken so I got extensions to hide my sad, sad hair.

Getting extensions was my cure for twenty years of bad hair days. I wore them for seven years. helped improve my hair so much that I took my extensions out. My natural hair is FINALLY wonderful. I'm so grateful to have personalized hair care. It's made me love my hair. No more bad hair days.

My hair has different needs than my girlfriends. I know that. That's why I use Formulate. has an online quiz to determine your hair needs. even asks about your hair strand thickness.

My hair is wavy and is the first brand I've found to for wavy hair. helps my dry hair maintain its natural oil, which keeps it from braking the way it used to.

Scalp sensitivity affects hair health as well.

My hair has grown over and inch in a only a few months. This is a huge deal! My hair didn't grow at all in for over ten years before even takes into consideration your hair goals! NEW YEAR - NEW HAIR! has thought of everything! even takes into consideration the environment in which you live.

My favorite part? Choosing the fragrance of my shampoo.

I love the way my hair feels, looks and smells. has changed the way I feel about my hair. I love my hair and I love my personalized shampoo and conditioner. has impressed me with their dedicated customer service. If you are not completely satisfied with your product they will make the changes needed for your complete satisfaction.

Go ahead, visit and take the quiz. You won't regret it.


Look at my natural hair!

I love

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