• Sarah K. Hammer

Goodbye for Now, Not for Good.

Goodbyes are hard. Every one deals with change differently. Some avoid it, some embrace it. For David Bolton, he expressed his goodbye lyrically in the form of a poem.


It’s not really goodbye, it’s just the start of a new life, or a few new times.. It’s a heart looking for new skies, running away from old lies, and when you start running it’s crazy how high you can fly.

It’s not really goodbye, at least not how goodbye sounds.. because you’re not saying bye for good, you’re simply saying goodbye for now, like you should.  But it’s hard for all the people you know, cause when you leave is when everyone seems to show... their true colors.. If they cared or if they were, just like the others.  

It seems like people sometimes stutter when they meet new people... maybe cause they’re nervous, but not when they’re with you.  You seem to smile and make everyone  talk with you like they didn’t just meet you, and that includes me too.  

It seems like friendships to you mean more than they do to most people.. Maybe because you’ve seen more than most people.  Probably because you go to the beach more than most people... and you seem to meet more people than most people, and it’s not cause you tweet more than most people, it’s because you’re sweet to more people than most people, and you believe in most people .  I just said people 9 times before this last one, and I’m already tired of people.  Maybe that’s the difference between us.  I get tired of people, and you’re life is simply trying to inspire the most people that you can.  Regardless of all the jokes I make about you promoting different cakes and milkshakes and camera bags that keep your film straight, one thing I’ll always keep straight, is how you always make people feel great.. and that’s pretty great.  You’re able to relate to someone in 8th grade just as well as you can with someone who’s 28.. funny you always hung out with us youngsters... but I get that you’re just tryna feel younger... going to grad school to cure your hunger instead of just becoming a young mother.  I like that.  I don’t wanna say I feel like your brother, cause that’s weird... but I always got you covered if you need anything, even though We’ve never been under the covers together... cause maybe that’s weird too.  

Sometime in the future hopefully we’re both where we wanna be.  And I don’t doubt at all that you’ll get there, and it’ll fun to see.  What’s funny is I don’t know where either of us wanna be.  I’m a “wanna be” artist, that writes music and poems, and you wanna be the farthest that you possibly could be from home... don’t forget to find a gym so you can keep doing squats though.  That part didn’t rhyme, I’m just making sure to write this so I can make sure you keep your butt.

Actually, since I’m writing this, lemme take a stab at judging you.  Happiness for Sarah is simple.  You just wanna be Influential... but in a good way.  Make people wake up and say, this’ll be a good day.. even when they have nothing to look forward to.   But you would say, everyone has something to look up to, or forward to, or both.  I think your job in life is to show people their worth, and that they can accomplish their goals.  Your personality is gold... but gold might be too basic... so maybe we’ll say it’s something that rhymes with basic, like you giving someone a face life... cause if someone’s frowning I think your smile is just contagious enough to change it... and we can’t have this poem end in a basic Sarah K... thank you.  For every time I rolled my eyes at you, there were at least 3 more times I smiled at you.  I waited 3 hours to longboard 3 miles with you.. and i was fine with it.  Go to Clemson, and every time I mention you, I’ll tell everyone, that you’re doing what you’re meant to do.  Making people smile.  So this isn’t really a goodbye, because if it was for good, there’d be so much more I would write.

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