• Sarah K. Hammer

Lilybod Babe

I am a fitness model/athlete for workout lines.

Photo by @paigeholmgrenphotography

@lilybod @lilybodbabe
Photo by @paigeholmgrenphotography

Fun Fitness Fact

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Utah. There I majored in Exercise Sport Science with an emphasis in Fitness Leadership. I also minored in Nutrition.

Photos by @paigehomgrenphotogrpahy

“I love my body. It works hard. It is strong. I can walk and run and dance. It is healthy. It serves me well. I will tell it I love it in every stage of my fitness journey.”

I promote body positivity. I want everyone to feel confident in their skin. Fitness comes in so many shapes and sizes. What is important is being whole and healthy. Emotionally. Physically.

A Portrait of Reality

I want women to see me, healthy and happy, and be inspired. I do not want to promote the perfect, ideal, unattainable image. I will show what healthy looks like for me. It may not be a six pack or long lean muscles, but it will be positive and it will be real.

I'd love to work with more companies. Please comment some fitness brands you love! - SK

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